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The Posidonia 2016 and the Posidonia Cup logos are property of Posidonia Exhibitions S.A.
The official Posidonia 2016 and Posidonia Cup logos may be used only by:
1)      Posidonia Exhibitors, Posidonia Sponsors and Posidonia Supporting Organisations for promotional activities relating to their participation at Posidonia 2016.
2)      Participants of the Posidonia Cup and the Posidonia Shipsoccer Tournament.
3)      Members of the Press for news/articles regarding Posidonia 2016.
Any other use of the Posidonia 2016 logo is prohibited. Unauthorized use of the logo can be legally prosecuted.
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Posidonia is organised under the auspices of the Greek shipping community and the five major associations representing Greek shipowner interests: