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I hereby declare:
a. I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms of the Race Rules that are stated in the Notice of Race for the 2016 Posidonia Cup. I believe that all terms and conditions relating to the organisation of the Race and participation in the Race are fair and reasonable.
b. I acknowledge and confirm that neither H.O.R.C. nor Posidonia Exhibitions S.A. nor the Posidonia Cup Sponsors / Supporters nor their representatives shall be liable for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to the owner/competitor, his skipper or crew, as a result of their taking part in the race or races. Moreover, I warrant the suitability of my boat for the race or races.
c. I acknowledge and confirm that the safety of a boat and her entire management including insurance (except for H.O.R.C provided boats) shall be my sole responsibility and I will ensure that the boat is fully found, thoroughly seaworthy and manned by a crew of sufficient number and experience who are physically fit to face bad weather. I will satisfy myself as to the soundness of the hull, spars, rigging, sails and all gear and must ensure that all safety equipment is properly maintained, stowed and in date and that the crew know where it is kept and how it is to be used.
d. I acknowledge and confirm that neither the establishment of these conditions nor their use by the race organisers, nor the inspection of the boat under these conditions in any way limits my absolute responsibility. I will nonetheless advise the crew to satisfy themselves as to the experience of the skipper and the adequacy of all safety equipment and insurance arrangements.
e. I declare that the relative provisions of articles 20 and 23 of the General Port Regulations have been taken into account (as they have been modified and are currently in effect), that the required shipping documents and supplies for the boat's category are valid and carried onboard, and that the International Regulations of Safety of Navigation will be applied.


Posidonia is organised under the auspices of the Greek shipping community and the five major associations representing Greek shipowner interests: